Hello! I’m a happily married mom of three with a Bachelors in Nursing. I left that career years ago to be a stay at home mom. It’s been quite a journey but here we are! I launched Fybencia Inc. in June of 2019.  Jewelry has always been an obsession of mine!!

My purpose is not only to design timeless, unique, beautiful items, but to use my platform to uplift others. I aim to inspire through my brand! I remember playing in my grandmother Rutha's jewelry box as a young child, I lit up inside wearing her jewels and they made me feel fabulous like she was! A few years before she passed due to Alzheimer's, I gave her one of MY gold bracelets and she lit up so much it made me cry! Hence why sending a portion of each Fybencia sale towards the Alzheimer's cause is important to us. She will always be one of the queens of my life. And we ALL have a powerful queen or king inside of us. WE ARE ROYALTY! Seek it! Be it! I believe that you will stand a little taller and prouder when you wear Fybencia. 


Carla Fybencia